Saturday, 19 August 2017

Lobster Pot and Other Plastics

It had been my intention to make a beach combing collection whilst on holiday at the Llyn Peninsula this summer as I’ve wanted to return to making assemblages as I did nearly 20 years ago. Even further back at Shave Farm in 1992 I made two small reliefs which I have always loved and these too were in the back of my mind.

Whilst in Wales I photographed a plastic lobster pot on Criccieth beach. One side of the lobster pot was ripped open and the netting was broken.   I liked that I could see through the netting and its sculptural qualities which reminded me of Tony Cragg's sculptures and drawings. I have also made a lot of work based  around a  lobster pot  fisherman who has featured in earlier work (these are two links that lead to previous posts about that work).  I left it on the beach, having too much else to carry that day, however, when I posted it on Instagram some people asked if I'd taken home.
The top part of the beach is covered in pieces of plastic, so much of it was washed up on the shore, Alan was horrified and environmentally so was I, but aesthetically I was in my element, the subdued colours  and the fact that the pieces were scratched and snarled reminded me of my collage pieces. I picked up some pieces and tried out some small arrangements back at the cottage.                          
I wanted to go  back before we left Wales and the this time I was prepared with plastic carrier bags to collect more pieces.  I also hoped that  the  lobster pot would still be there. 
After a while Alan got fed up  and wanted to go, but at least I had managed to fill one of my bags with plastic. I was just about to leave when I spotted the lobster pot sitting at the edge of the sea.  
I brought it back home and for now it is sitting in the back garden.